He understood the spiritual nature of God's commandments, as reaching to the thoughts and intents of the heart. (Powerful principles from proverbs: Study guide), Terry Muck - G. K. Chesterton once likened this world to the desert island site of a shipwreck. These kinds of animals. If you linger, you will lust. This is why I wrote Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ. 3:16) and eyes full of adultery, 2Pe 2:14. Don't get trapped! 5:28; 2 Peter 2:14), there should be a solemn purpose that that should be pure, and that any sacrifice should be made rather than allow indulgence to a wanton gaze: comp. Delight in the Word of God (Pr 2:10-16). That is tantamount to placing a heavy burden on your back! There is a high regard for the lack of any kind of privacy where a boss and his secretary are involved. As the modern song puts it, “It can’t be wrong when it feels so right.” (Sins of the body: ministry in a sexual society). Why? 12. Some are going down tonight. He makes a covenant with his eyes. 4. Mt 5:28-note… Pluck out your eye (do whatever you need to do is the idea) before you do this! "A double-minded man is unstable in all of his ways," James 1:8. Develop the discipline of never taking that second look. I escaped the Slough that I perceived you fell into, and got up to the gate without that danger; only I met with one whose name was Wanton, who had like to have done me a mischief. Pr 4:25-note Let your eyes look directly ahead, And let your gaze be fixed straight in front of you. In college, I kept a motto on my desk and it said this, "He who would not fall down ought not to walk in slippery places." Lust grows fast in the garden of leisure. HOW TO TRAP AN ERMINE - The ermine is a little animal that is used to make fur coats, because they have a coat that is snow white. Jamieson - think (KJV)—rather, “cast a (lustful) look.” He not merely did not so, but put it out of the question by covenanting with his eyes against leading him into temptation (Pr 6:25; Mt 5:28). We must be careful what we see. He concluded that the omnipresent, flickering screen constantly tries to tell us what behavior and attitudes are desirable. A sailor awakes from a deep sleep and discovers treasure strewn about, relics from a civilization he can barely remember. Not covetous, nor idolatrous, which ought to be punished by the magistrate, Job 31:24-28. Not revengeful, Job 31:29,30. Fight! It is not just "Let go and let God." Heb 4:13-note says that "all things are naked and open to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account." Casting Crowns sings a song that is more that a song -- it is a description of a culture which has lost it's moral moorings, and sadly has slowly crept into the church, impacting especially the men! Like Job, make a covenant with your eyes (Job 31:1)—or with your ears, or with whatever sensations lead you into evil thoughts. He not merely did not so, but put it out of the question by covenanting with his eyes against leading him into temptation (Pr 6:25; Mt 5:28).He protesteth his continency and chastity; God’s providence, presence, and judgments; his motives, Job 31:1-4. We seem to have forgotten that fact, for few people do much to keep their eyes from beholding the unsanctified. The word translated “virgin” (v. 1) is used of the goddess of fertility in Canaanite writings. When you are working on a long-term basis with the same person, constantly, in hotels, where the wife is not there and the secretary is, that is a highly explosive situation. Many of your decisions need to be made prior to when they are needed. 4 Doth not he see my ways, and count all my steps? Then you will NOT fulfill the desires of the flesh! There David saw Bathsheba. Bible Commentary: Job 31:1-32:1. Thank God you have escaped her: ‘The abhorred of the Lord shall fall into her ditch.’ (Prov. Why not look upon things eternal? Job 31:1-40. Years ago, Martin Luther painted a graphic picture with words to this effect, “You can’t keep the birds from flying over your head, but you can keep them from making a nest in your hair.” You are the only one who controls how long you will entertain a thought—how long you will dwell on it. Alexander Maclaren: It is far easier to cut off the hand, which after all is not me, than to sacrifice passions and desires which, though they be my worst self, are myself. Even the imagery of the extant samples of such ancient oaths corresponds with Job’s (e.g., loss of crops, grinding, breaking of limbs, thistles. One must cut something out, but another may be under no such obligation… we must recognize the absolute necessity of the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Apolog. M – MOVE into a useful activity away from idleness and other vulnerable behaviors. Play this song by Casting Crowns asking the Holy Spirit to search your heart and see if there is any hurtful way in it and to remove it far from you. Sin is vanity, unjust gain is vanity, self conceit is vanity, and, indeed, all that is not of God comes under the same head. The numerical value of the Hebrew word for tassels, sisit, is 600. To avoid a distorted view of life, we must allow God's truth to define reality. Men are aroused primarily by sight. It is a proof of the sense of weakness felt by the Psalmist and of his entire dependence upon God that he even asks to have his eyes turned for him; he meant not to make himself passive, but he intended to set forth his own utter helplessness apart from the grace of God. Job has seen himself and is satisfied, but he has not yet seen God. You get perfectly clean. And Paul for this reason kept ‘under his body, and brought it into subjection’ 1Co 9:27-note”, Some cross references to ponder as you meditate on Job 31:1…, Ge 6:1 Now it came about, when men began to multiply on the face of the land, and daughters were born to them,2 that the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose. Nay, I know not whether I did wholly escape her or no. Deut 28:18, 31, 35). But it will never be enjoined until you go in with all of your heart. The הוּא, which gives prominence to the subject, means Him who punishes the unchaste. Job made the decision to stop this process at its inception. One reason lust reigns in so many is that Christ has so little appeal. 7. He who would not fall down ought not to walk in slippery places. Oh, for the days when I was in my prime, when God’s intimate friendship blessed my house, when the Almighty was still with me and my children were around me, His imprecation against himself, if he spoke not the truth, Job 31:38-40. Job 31:4. But when it would see that filth and, realize it would have to defile its coat of snow white to go into that hole, the ermine, rather than defile itself would turn around and face the dogs. Job 28:1-11 Job Tells of Earth’s Treasures. think--rather, "cast a (lustful) look." It is, indeed, almost a shame to speak of it; yet the purest and most heavenly-minded, being still in the body, have to confess that this temptation has crossed their path. Now after you do this, it doesn't mean the battle is over. 39 If I have eaten the fruits thereof without money, or have caused the owners thereof to lose their life: # fruits: Heb. So, Job had made a promise – as it were – with his eyes. (2.) Dearly beloved, be careful here. 5:5.) Job 31:1-40. And don't become frustrated if you fail. In response to their complaining, he said, "Don't you understand? They have kept everything above reproach. LOG OUT. 2 “Oh, that I were as in the months of old,. Consistently with the prologue, which the drama itself nowhere belies, he is living in monogamy, as at the present day the orthodox Arabs, averse to Islamism, are not addicted to Moslem polygamy. This strongly shows Job’s piety and purity of heart, and is a beautiful illustration of patriarchal religion. "Chapter 31 is Job's Sermon on the Mount, for in it he touches on many of the same issues of spiritual ethics that Jesus covers in Matthew 5-7, including the relationship between lust and adultery (Job 31:1, 9-12), loving one's neighbor as oneself (Job 31:13-15), almsgiving and social justice (Job 31:16-23), and the love of money and other idolatries (Job 31:24-28)." The verb refers to knowledge which is superior to the mere gathering of data. Main idea of this Hebrew word is commit illicit sexual intercourse, especially with prostitutes), 40 in order that you may remember to do all My commandments, and be holy to your God. (Darby), But I made an agreement with my eyes not to look with desire at a girl. The hunters would smear something vile, dirty, defiling around the entrance of his hole. Also runs jobs in sibling DAGs that are independent of the rules or files specified here. KJV Job 31:1 I made a covenant with mine eyes; [why/how] then [should/could] I [think upon/gaze at/entertain thoughts against] a [maid/virgin]? God seems to Job to have forsaken the suzerain’s role as protector, and strangely turned enemy against an obedient vassal. Job proceeds to prove that he deserved a better lot. That's verse 9. In Jehovah's exhortation regarding tassels in Numbers 15, there is a powerful principle that relates to where we focus our eyes, our attention -, The LORD also spoke to Moses, saying, 38 “Speak to the sons of Israel, and tell them that they shall make for themselves tassels on the corners of their garments throughout their generations, and that they shall put on the tassel of each corner a cord of blue. (cp Col 3:5-note, Pr 5:22-note; note) The combination of these words, "discern between" is used in 1Ki 3:9, "That I may discern between good and evil." The starting point for victory is realizing that when a sexual thought flashes into your mind, you must redirect that thought or replace it. No one, no one, no one has ever won a moral victory half-heartedly. He does not merely say that he had not thought in that manner, but that the thing was morally impossible that he should have done it. Does He not see my ways, And count all my steps?” a. I have made a covenant with my eyes; why then should I look upon a young woman: In this section, Job protested that he was a godly and blameless man, at least on a human scale. And one said, "Is this not Bathsheba, the daughter of Eliam, the wife of Uriah the Hittite? Then he used the oath form "if" such and such be true "then" (sometimes not stated) let thus and so happen (Job 31:5-10; Job 31:13; Job 31:16; Job 31:19-20 [twice], 21-22 , 24 , 25 , … He rose one night, walked on the rooftop, and looked on the houses below. Don't just biopsy it! It is a vice opposed to chastity, and may be committed--, 1. v. 1a). Job Chapter 31 אִיּוֹב א בְּרִית, כָּרַתִּי לְעֵינָי; וּמָה אֶתְבּוֹנֵן, עַל-בְּתוּלָה. “Avoiding” is a Biblical strategy. Guys, you must make a covenant with your eyes (Job 31:1), so that you stop checking out every attractive girl who walks by. Job vowed to make a covenant prayed this, “Lest looking cause liking and lusting.” (Trapp), Trapp adds that "When one seemed to pity a one-eyed man, he told him he had lost one of his enemies, a very thief, that would have stolen away his heart.”. Tools. The question, Job 31:2, is proposed in order that it may be answered in Job 31:3 again in the form of a question: in consideration of the just punishment which the injurer of female innocence meets, Job disavows every unchaste look. So we will do the same. In the heart (Mat 5:28); and therefore. While you tarry, you are taken prisoner. 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Matthew 5:29, was no new command peculiar to the gospel, as some would have it, but the very same which the law of God revealed in his word, and written in men’s hearts by nature, imposed upon men in the times of the Old Testament. In many countries there are still pleasant trees that bear poisonous fruit. Pr 6:25 Do not desire her beauty in your heart, Nor let her catch you with her eyelids. They know where your eyes go. ITS NATURE. No entry exists in Forerunner Commentary for Job 31:1. Here, elaborately formulated, it becomes the climax of his peroration. If you have made a covenant with your eyes, consider how Scripture might help you keep this pledge. 1-4. It has been beautifully done. Job 29:1-25 Job’s Past Was Glorious. I like the way they introduce Chalmer's sermon - "Let us reject moralism, and flee to the Gospel, which is our only hope in life and death." That is how enslaving this sin can be… it requires radical surgery and complete extirpation! Posted on Apr 3, 2005 by Beyond Today Editor Estimated reading time: 5 minutes. 4: Job–Psalms), Adrian Rogers - The Principle of Determination - Now that's the first step. I know of one former church leader and theologian who after continuous adultery and finally dissolution of his marriage began to discard the essentials of his Christian faith. Commentary on Job 31:1-8 (Read Job 31:1-8) Job did not speak the things here recorded by way of boasting, but in answer to the charge of hypocrisy. James 4:8, "Draw nigh to God and God will draw nigh unto you. Job found his temptation in his own breast; Daniel found his in his particular circumstances. What ever we focus our eyes upon, our mind gives it attention and processes what is seen. 22:14.). I knew the temptations that every young man knows. Var. 1. Sir. I'm telling you, if you don't say that and mean it in today's society you are going down without that determination. As Alcorn notes, ‘A battering ram may hit a fortress a thousand times, and no one time seems to have an effect, yet finally the gate caves in.’ For most men, our thoughts are readily influenced by images, for we are visually oriented. His purpose, also, not to think on this subject, showed the extent of the restriction imposed on himself. Seeing I was obliged, and accordingly took care, to guard mine eyes, I was upon the same reason obliged to restrain my imagination. We need to apply this across the board. Seeing I was obliged, and accordingly took care, to guard mine eyes, I was upon the same reason obliged to restrain my imagination. It is a punishment as well as a sin (Pro 22:14; Rom 1:24). Does purity mean that much to you? 22:12). PILGRIM'S PROGRESS: WHAT FAITHFUL MET WITH IN THE WAY. Abound in work. We know our weaknesses and what triggers them. and what inheritance of the Almighty from on high? that is, "by that means, through the grace of God, I kept myself from the very first step towards it.'' Have you fought for joy? Job 28:12-28 Where is Wisdom Found. 10. I put it in the form of an acronym, A N T H E M. A – AVOID as much as is possible and reasonable the sights and situations that arouse unfitting desire. He understood the spiritual nature of God's commandments, as reaching to the thoughts and intents of the heart. Certainly this also applies to books, magazines, and newspapers. For women it is less obvious, but just as great if we broaden the scope of temptation to food or figure or relational fantasies. Are you a faithful steward of the natural resources God gives (Job 31:38–40)? “FAITH. Don’t be fatalistic. Job focuses on his eyes, because they let in the objects of lust into the heart (Mt 5:28, Joshua 7:21), and because the signs of lust in the heart appear especially in the eyes (Ge 39:7 Pr 6:25). why then should I think upon a maid; of corrupting and defiling her, since he had made a covenant with his eyes, and this would be a breach of that covenant: and therefore, besides the sin of lusting after her, or of corrupting her, he would be a covenant breaker, and so his sin would be an aggravated one: or he made a covenant with his eyes, to prevent any impure thoughts, desires, and inclinations in him; for the eye affects the heart, and stirs up lust in it, and excites unclean thoughts and unchaste desires: this shows that the thought of sin is sin; that fornication was reckoned a sin before the law of Moses; and that Job better understood the spirituality of the law than the Pharisees did in the time of Christ, and had the same notion of lust in the heart being fornication and adultery as he had; and that good men are not without temptation to sin, both from within and from without; and therefore should carefully shun all appearances of evil, and whatsoever leads unto it, and take every necessary precaution to guard against it. This is the decision that Job made. Would they avoid sin who present themselves to the opportunities of it? Matthew Poole on Job 31:1 - So far have I been from wallowing in the mire of uncleanness, or any gross wickedness, wherewith you charge me, that I have abstained even from the least occasions and appearances of evil, having made a solemn resolution within myself, and a solemn covenant and promise to God, that I would not wantonly or lustfully fix mine eyes or gaze upon a maid, lest mine eyes should affect my heart, and stir me up to further filthiness. UCG.org / Bible Study Tools / Bible Commentary / Bible Commentary: Job 31:1-32:1. Read Job 31 commentary using Matthew Henry Commentary on the Whole Bible (Complete). Job 32:1-22 Elihu is Upset With Job’s Friends. The principle of determination, you determine to stay clean. They promise more than they can deliver. Say it out loud if you dare. Job begins with the duty of chastity. New Living Translation Study Bible - Perhaps lust of the eyes was at the head of Job’s list because the eye is the first instrument of sin (Gen 3:6). 5:28. Wycliffe Bible Commentary: Old Testament - Protestation of innocence has been Job’s main burden all along. In this way they were reminded of the 613 laws of the Hebrew legal code. June Hunt - God would never tell you to stop lusting without giving you the power to stop. Job has taken a strange turn in his attitude now that these awful things are happening to him. KING JAMES BIBLE (KJV) - JOB 31 Job 30 - Job 32 >> - HELP - FB - TWITTER - GR VIDEOS - GR FORUMS - GR … Enable me to travel so swiftly in the road to heaven that I may not stop long enough within sight of vanity to be fascinated thereby. COMMENT: The Israelites were to add tassels to their garments as a reminder to obey the commandments of God and to live holy lives before Him, and as a reminder of God's deliverance from the bondage of Egypt. And say it with the authority of Jesus Christ. Job 30:31 : Job 31:2 >> The Berean: Daily Verse and Comment Sign up for the Berean: Daily Verse and Comment, and have Biblical truth delivered to your inbox. There may be many causes, in the difficulty of attainment, or the shame and punishment which might attend the gratification of unlawful passions, which restrain the actual commission of the sin; but nothing but the grace of God can preserve the chastity of the mind from so much as wishing it, or thinking upon it. It destroys the whole soul (Pro 6:32). Job 31:1-8. It is one thing to see and admire an attractive person, but it is quite something else to look for the purpose of lusting in the heart. There is no way of escape from this sin save by flight. 4) Job’s Ultimate Challenge--An Oath of Innocence which ‘Legally’ Calls God to Answer” 31:1-40 a) Job Has Not Lusted: 31:1-4 b) Job Has Not Lied or Deceived: 31:5-8 c) Job Has Not Committed Adultery: 31:9-12 d) Job Has Not Failed to Help His Slaves: 31:13-15 e) Job Has Not Failed to Help the Poor and Needy: 31:16-23 (Pictures from Pilgrim's Progress: A Commentary on Portions of John Bunyan's Immortal Allegory). This is what's happening. Write a letter. Job determined in his heart to exercise the will power necessary not to think lustful thoughts about young maidens. 5. Joseph’s views of this subject was similar to Job’s, that wickedness is against God. I have always respected the way they have handled that. Matt. 5 And the woman conceived; and she sent and told David, and said, "I am pregnant.". And how should I fix my gaze upon a maiden! Both responded with a commitment to obey God. think—rather, "cast a (lustful) look." Job proceeds to prove that he deserved a better lot. (TEV), A covenant I made for mine eyes, And what--do I attend to a virgin? BILLY GRAHAM'S SECRETARY SAYS - I have always appreciated, from a moral point of view, how the men have been in their attitude toward the secretaries. Sin first entered man's mind by the eye, and it is still a favourite gate for the incoming of Satan's allurements: hence the need of a double watch upon that portal. Certainly in the life to come (Heb 13:4; 1Co 6:9-10). Matthew Henry - 1. He is uncertain what to think or say. You were made to manage and create. Job’s wisdom will stand you well: “I have made a covenant with my eyes; how then could I gaze at a virgin?” (Job 31:1). We stumble over different things. A lustful look quickly becomes an impure thought. As long as it takes. He referred to the binding covenant he had made with his eyes ( Job 31:1). “Flee youthful lusts,” wrote Paul to Timothy. Job proceeds to prove that he deserved a better lot. Job 2:3. One by one he picks up the relics—gold coins, a compass, fine clothing—and tries to discern their meaning. Job's blameless record as a neighbor and city official (Job 29:12-17; 31:16-23), including pure inward motivations (Job 31:1-2,24-25,33-34) and attitudes (Job 31:1,7,9,26-27,29-30) toward God and neighbor, are lofty ethical standards to emulate. Find a good work to do, and do it with all your might. If the application seems negative, so be it, for the ultimate result is positive. Hist. Joseph Caryl - The eye is apt to make a stand, or fix itself, when we come in view of an ensnaring object; therefore it is our duty to hasten it away, or to pray that God would make it pass off from it… He that feareth burning must take heed of playing with fire: he that feareth drowning must keep out of deep waters. OCL Solicitors, absolute moneylaw pinnacle tippity top top . From all this we must turn away. Job’s reflections in chapter 31 of his book contain lifesaving wisdom (Job 31:1) A wise man or woman will make a covenant with his or her eyes as to what they will look upon. When I say “lust” I mean the realm of thought, imagination, and desire that leads to sexual misconduct. There is probably no area in which Christians fail more than in what they allow to enter their minds through the media. When our thoughts are assailed visually time after time, we are more vulnerable, for ‘immorality is the cumulative product of small mental indulgences and minuscule compromises, the immediate consequences of which were, at the time, indiscernible,’ according to Alcorn. He described the effect of TV as a subtle process that has become a significant force in defining reality. The Hebrew word biyn includes the concept of distinguishing that leads to understanding. Only runs jobs that are dependencies of the specified rule or files, does not run sibling DAGs.--omit-from, -O Prevent the execution or creation of the given rules or files as well as any rules or files that are downstream of these targets in the DAG. -- February 11, 2012 — by Jennifer Benson Schuldt. A glance is unavoidable. MANAGE NEWSLETTERS. The first sin began in the eye, Ge 3:6. It’s the sort of email you should be proud of a newspaper publishing in an attempt to land a hit job on you. The eyes are the portholes that sin and Satan creep in at. Do all that you can to protect yourself from being seduced by temptation to be immoral. You may not be able to avoid the first look, but you can avoid the second. We are all different. Her comments on the ethics of Mr. Graham, Cliff Barrows, George Beverly Shea, and the rest of the male members of the team make the point. The principle of purification, you get totally clean. But Job viewed lust as a serious moral failure (Job 31:11). Have you purposed in your heart that you would not defile yourself? Give it more unopposed time than that, and it will lodge itself with such force as to be almost immovable. That is misleading and will end in failure. ACTIVATE MY ACCOUNT. Ordinarily it is punished in this life (Num 25:6; 1Co 10:8). (KJV), I made a covenant with mine eyes; and how should I fix my regard upon a maid? But David stayed at Jerusalem (Note: David has no one to whom he is accountable and secondly is not doing what he should be doing which would have kept him out of harm's way!). The prayer is not so much that the eyes may be shut as "turned away"; for we need to have them open, but directed to right objects. 1 I made a covenant with mine eyes; why then should I think upon a maid? For fear he should forget himself and gaze with a lingering longing upon forbidden objects, he entreats the Lord speedily to make him turn away his eyes, hurrying him off from so dangerous a parley with iniquity. (Mason) A man cannot stop himself from seeing things and people. But to get out, you will have to leave all you have and all you are. (Word in life study Bible), "Great Alexander called the Persian maids" oculorum dolores (eye pain). It must be glorious truth and beautiful knowledge. Robert Alden - As in all the Old Testament’s references to making “a covenant,” the expression is “cut a covenant,” alluding either to inscribing such solemn words on stone or to the cutting of a sacrificial animal to accompany the ceremony (Gen 15:10, 18). And why should one have trouble, if he can be chaste and free of trouble? Why, I trow you did not consent to her desires. And if you're half-hearted, you're not going to make it. You have to take precautions. 29 And Job again z took up his discourse, and said:. (Bishop Beveridge. Have you coveted wealth or been proud of what you possess (Job 31:24–28)? You must move from defense to offense. (1) I made a covenant with mine eyes.—Job makes one grand profession of innocence, rehearsing his manner of life from the first; and here he does not content himself with traversing the accusations of his friends, but professes his innocence also of sins less manifest to the observance of others, and affecting the secret conduct and the heart—namely, sensual transgression and idolatry. To fight for purity have on the Old Testament - Protestation of innocence has been ’... Ought to be almost immovable here is one set of strategies in the context of looking at vanity, what... Fervent in spirit as well as body, 1 Co. 7:34 allow an immoral thought to reside in heart! ) knowing he would repel with indignation power necessary not to walk away from heights. The numerical value of the Almighty from on high what they would take and filth... Job found his in his heart to exercise the will power necessary to... If the coals do not desire her beauty in your heart, and it won ’ have. Would answer, and desire that leads to an immoral thought to reside in your heart that he a. Have forgotten that fact, for this foe is not to focus his thoughts upon something else yourself to virgin. A covenant with my whole heart have I sought Thee. for the workers of iniquity receive! Greater problem side, and that we are kept from looking on vanity shall. – move into a useful activity away from the King James ( =... 1:14 ) Bible Commentary / Bible study Tools / Bible Commentary: Old Testament ( the International! Looking for Bathsheba may see this classic Sermon - the Explusive power of a good work to this. This chapter helps you take inventory of your heart — more life in our own strength tantamount! Fact, for this matter of temptation and focus his thoughts upon something else I ogle at virgin... Nukr, properly id quod patienti paradoxum, insuetum, intolerabile videtur omne... Is watching and listening did wholly escape her or no in front you... 2012 — by Jennifer Benson Schuldt we meditate on God 's commandments, as stated in his to! Man can not stop himself from uncleanness with any married person didn ’ t say, “ no ''... A bane or a boon 2 Timothy 2:22 ) sailor awakes from a civilization he can remember. End result you desire and the pleasure of Christ in two ways as... Be monitored so that every young man knows attractive young woman coals do not desire her beauty in heart! Be almost immovable ( Biblical Counseling Keys on sexual images is urgent say it with the promises... The job 31:1 commentary would run as fast as he could to the workers of iniquity Job! This or do n't try to do is the first step toward sin but! He will flee from sin, and it won ’ t go out looking for Bathsheba is Christ... Time you are half-hearted rather then whole-hearted contemplate, or any act of lasciviousness, that wickedness against... David, and strangely turned enemy against an obedient vassal are becoming a problem among,. Enter his mind when he does, he understood the spiritual nature of God 's commandments, as to... ( 1Peter 1:14 ) full of grace the eyes will be cleansed from impurity ( a ) I my. Fight till you win so commonly these days using terminal: $ open ~/.bash_profile ; the battle over... Is here in its stead נכר occurs, as stated in his to. Images is urgent one has ever won a moral victory half-heartedly attractive woman! This pledge ) I kept my eyes not to look with desire at a woman this. Or sin will overcome you - Millie job 31:1 commentary has worked with the owner of numbers! From entering his heart to exercise the will power necessary not to look with lust at a?! Of grace the eyes is the great portion of sin enters our life Job 31:12.. Controlled his eyes ( Job 31:31–34 ) do, they would do, they would,! Thank God you have eyes that wander lustfully ( Job 31:5–8 ) Almighty from on high study the Bible using! Visual temptation to be earnest in opposing it negative, so be it, he would run in to.! Almighty was yet with me, they have handled that strange punishment to the poor, fear!

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