In: International Journal of Crashworthiness, vol. In: Injury Prevention, vol. [Summary in English]. Contribution to the International Cycling Safety Conference 15-16 September 2015, Hanover. Cycle helmet use survey 2015. Let us know in the comments below! In: Journal of American College Health, vol. In: International Cycling Safety Conference, 18-19 November. Do bicycle helmets also have adverse effects? How the Dutch prefer to tackle dangerous traffic situations instead of fear-mongering about helmets. 9, p. 195-202. With the Pedelec+, ABUS is one of the first manufacturers to offer a cycle helmet which perfectly meets these special requirements. Elvik, R. (2013). [29]. And with the lowest number of cyclists killed per mile travelled in the world the dutch must be doing something right Bicycle helmet effectiveness is not overstated. Right?! The wearing of bicycle helmets and attitudes towards their use vary around the world. Systematic literature reviews [41] [42] show that empirical evidence for behavioural adaptation due to mandatory helmet use is not unequivocal. You have entered an incorrect email address! How the Dutch raise kids... – DutchReview, Miss the Dutch snow already? Other reasons for parents not to have their children wear helmets are that they think their child is careful and cycles safely enough, and the school route is thought to be safe. In: Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering, vol. [54]. In: Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, vol. The post’s conclusion is appropriate – helmets can and do reduce serious head injuries and each rider should consider those risks and think about how lucky they feel when they get on their bike – as these events are typically random. If you are dissatisfied with the website or any content or materials on it, your sole exclusive remedy is to discontinue your use of the website. In the Netherlands, wearing a helmet isn't mandatory, except for speed bike pedelec riders. Conventional wisdom in the bigger part of the world tells us that the helmet is a must if we want to ride our bikes safely. [27]. A legal requirement is an important reason for helmet use. (2008). For biomechanical research, bicycle helmets are tested for shock absorption in a laboratory. Yet, other researchers did not find any evidence of this overestimation ([31] for example). I am for helmets the issue for me is I find them not only uncomfortable but also weird looking. (2015). Potential effects of an increase in helmet use from 0% to 100%. The survey results indicate that as of 2017, Giro helmets came first in the top five of most bought bicycle helmet brands in the Netherlands. 120, p. 239-249. Mexico City has had mandatory cycle helmet laws repealed, and in Italy the Federazione Italiana Amici della Bicicletta managed to block a proposed helmet law. [2]. In: Journal of Safety Research, vol. It’s the context in which cycling occurs. Several international studies do indeed show a decrease in bicycle use, even though most studies do not find such an effect or only find a temporary effect [9] [42]. In addition, a cyclist’s airbag might offer better and additional protection against head and brain injuries [4] [61]. Gurte, Kindersitze, Helme und Schutzkleidung - 2017. Helmets that are NTA 8776 compliant have been designed and tested for higher speeds and harder impacts. International research shows that in case of a crash helmeted cyclists are 60% less likely to sustain serious head/brain injuries and 70% less likely to sustain fatal head/brain injuries than cyclists not wearing a helmet. 1, p. e4. 9, p. e4040019-e4040019. A disadvantage of this kind of study is that they have a prolonged time scale (several years) and that in this period other factors (such as other road safety measures, bicycle use) may also have had an effect on the prevalence of head and brain injuries. New legislation requiring cyclists riding certain e-bikes to wear helmets is set to become law in the Netherlands in January, and may trigger law changes accross the European Union. [47]. & Willinger, R. (2012). Race- en toerfietsen: mogelijkheden voor meer veiligheid; Vragenlijststudie en expertbeoordeling. London has highest helmet use in Europe, Netherlands “almost zero”. A possible explanation is that motorists consider helmeted cyclists to be more skilled than cyclists without helmets, and therefore use smaller safety margins. In: Accident Analysis & Prevention, vol. The foam lined interior is connected to the smooth hard exterior of the helmet. Looking at the data, driving is far more dangerous than cycling. Cripton, P.A., Dressler, D.M., Stuart, C.A., Dennison, C.R., et al. [7]. Differences in the protective capabilities of bicycle helmets in real-world and standard-specified impact scenarios. Around 60% of commuting in the Netherlands is by bicycle. In: Accident Analysis & Prevention, vol. Annual percentage of cyclists with serious head/brain injuries (MAIS2+) as main or secondary diagnosis, the number relative to all hospitalised seriously injured cyclists in that age group; over the period 2010-2014 (Sources: Dutch Hospital Data – LMR/LBZ; CBS – Onderzoek Verplaatsingen in Nederland). Wijlhuizen, G.J. Cyclist head and facial injury risk in relation to helmet fit: a case-control study. if people stop cycling you start seeing other side effect, 5 ways you can tell that it is Spring in the Netherlands, 5 Reasons I Love FEBO (aka that ever-giving wall of fried delicacies), 7 things to know before owning a car in the Netherlands in 2021, Should I enrol my child in a Dutch school? In the Netherlands, riders of speed e-bikes have to wear a helmet that conforms to special requirements. Biomechanical analysis of head injuries related to bicycle accidents and a new bicycle helmet concept. 1, p. 1-7. & Gent, P. van (2014). [37]. Høye, A. One caused long term traumatic brain injuries including a long lasting speech problem, tinnitus, emotional lability, anxiety and more. Bicycle helmets and risky behaviour: A systematic review. The survey results indicate that as of 2017, Giro helmets came first in the top five of most bought bicycle helmet brands in the Netherlands. In: Injury prevention: journal of the International Society for Child and Adolescent Injury Prevention, vol. SWOV, Den Haag. Table 2. SWOV/VeiligheidNL, Den Haag/Amsterdam. When I saw the title question, I figured it was because bicycles greatly outnumber cars in Amsterdam and most towns in the Netherlands. Stigson, H. & Kullgren, A. Olivier, J., Esmaeilikia, M. & Grzebieta, R. (2018). Did you know that every Dutch person owns at least two bikes? Bicycle helmet legislation for the uptake of helmet use and prevention of head injuries. [34]. Bicycle helmet law does not deter cyclists in Finland. The week before, a Danish media personality, ... Go talk to the Dutch. The speeds in a collision with a motor vehicle may, however, be much higher. Ross, T.P., Ross, L.T., Rahman, A. : Description Size chart Uvex Finale Junior Kids Bicycle Helmet With cool designs, kids can shred the trails in the woods. (2007). Hieronder vindt u de lijst met referenties die in deze factsheet zijn gebruikt. [62]. A fabric covered peak is available to be installed on certain helmets. [55]. ePub, p. ePub-ePub. Bezuidenhoutseweg 62, 2594 AW The Hague These helmets are not only intended to protect against head and brain injuries but also to prevent crashes. Sandberg, M., Tse, K.M., Tan, L.B. The price of a bicycle helmet doesn’t say anything about the safety it offers. However anecdotal it may sound, it seems obvious to me that getting hit in the head with a helmet on will hurt less than without. (2016). By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. CROW. HEADS-ITN. [8]. In: Chronic Dis Inj Can, vol. (2016). If someone were to suggest otherwise, you might wonder if they’d rather wear a tinfoil hat instead. I think in no European country more than in the Netherlands. If you’re riding a bicycle wearing a helmet in the Netherlands, then you are almost certainly “just visiting.” For all of the millions of people who ride bicycles every day in the Netherlands, it is almost exclusively tourists who cycle with a helmet – much to the bemusement of local residents. Differences in impact performance of bicycle helmets during oblique impacts. Also see the question How effective are bicycle helmets in preventing (fatal) head injuries among cyclists? 346, p. f2674. It could stop something from being a minor incident into a catastrophic disaster. [20]. In: Journal of safety research, vol. [11]. If you enforce helmet law on cyclists, you’re telling people that cycling is a dangerous activity. & Klip, H.A.J. Walker, I. Schweizerische Beratungsstelle für Unfallverhütung BfU, Bern. The smooth shell ensures little road surface friction and it can skid so as to prevent neck injuries. Olivier, J. R-2019-2. Bicycle helmet wearing is not associated with  close motor vehicle passing: A re-analysis of Walker, 2007. [4]. [16]. E-bikes are especially popular with retirees in the Netherlands, and sales are said to have been rising steadily, so that “one in five bikes now bought in the Netherlands now has a small motor. Complete your kit plus specific & Rowe, B.H. Bicycle helmets. The fact that so many Dutch cyclists feel perfectly comfortable riding their bikes without a helmet, suggests that the planners must be doing something right. The second study is a mostly qualitative analysis of the available literature [9]. Finnoff, J.T., Laskowski, E.R., Altman, K.L. And mark dangerous sections, with evidence, not only religion of being dangerous, with a warning sign, so bicyclists can choose to avoid them or not. To identify factors that play a role in bicycle helmet wearing, Seijts et al. Further research is needed to determine how robust this (at this stage) one-off finding is (see [44] [45] for a discussion). Based on their findings, the researchers conclude that there is little to no evidence of a substantial decrease of bicycle use due to the introduction of mandatory helmets. The reason is that the airbag reduces the rotational forces on the head more than a conventional helmet does. When starting out with this post, I was of one opinion that “helmets = safety” but as I read more into the subject I began to sway my own view. Observational study of compliance with Queensland bicycle helmet laws. Doctoral thesis KU Leuven, Leuven. Abus - Aduro 2.1 with LED bicycle helmet . Schedel- en hersenletsel. Consumer testing of bicycle helmets. The most important reason for children to stop wearing helmets is that their peers do not wear helmets and the parents do not want their children to stand out. Up to 90% of all bike crashes do not involve a motor vehicle. Since then, speed pedelecs have been categorised as mopeds according to European regulations (until 1 January 2017 they were classified as light mopeds). According to several researchers [54] [55] [56] [57] [58]the European standard for bicycle helmets, and thus the Dutch standard, is not strict enough. Lajunen, T. (2016). As early as 2003, the International Cycling Union UCI introduced mandatory helmet use for all road cycling races. The Dutch ride their bicycles more than any other people in the world. The major advantage of case-control studies is that they concern real crashes that have actually happened. In: BMJ : British Medical Journal, vol. The research, which assumes that currently between none and 10% of cyclists actually wear a helmet, is based on a global meta-analysis from 2018. Independent! And brains are important because — in my case — they hold a lot of 90s references, and the lyrics to R. Kelly’s “I believe I … Evaluation of a novel bicycle helmet concept in oblique impact testing. And that’s really just the sport cyclists. Of more than seven hundred Dutch respondents 34% claim to own a helmet. What do you need to know about the Netherlands? Dutch Foundation Report on Bicycle Helmet Promotion Stichting Consument en Veiligheid - Netherlands Consumer and Safety Foundation Reports: Bicycle helmets for young children: determinants for purchase and use Establishment Number R265 - Publication date October 2003 Available on the web in the original Dutch version if you can find it. R-2014-37. Figure 2. 17 November, 2020 Mark Sutton. International survey of bicycling exposure, crash involvement, behaviors, and attitudes: Preliminary results. In European capitals, whether cyclists and e-scooter riders decide to don a bicycle helmet or not varies considerably. The law change will require cyclists riding 'speed' electronically power assisted cycles (S-EPACs) - or more accurately e-bikes that can travel at speeds of up to 45kph - to wear specially designed helmets. People are also more inclined to wear helmets when others (peers) are seen to do this too and also when it has become a habit. Source: Figure 1. 21, nr. A public support study among (road safety) organisations showed that measures encroaching on a sense of freedom are considered most controversial. 1, p. 27. A new report from the Dutch road safety research foundation predicts that if cyclists in the Netherlands always wore a helmet, there would be 85 fewer road deaths a year. In: Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part P: Journal of Sports Engineering and Technology, vol. [53]. (2014). Boele, M., Panneman, M., Adriaensens, L., Goldenbeld, C., et al. The abovementioned review studies only concern research done abroad, in particular in Australia and North America. An experimental design, for example a randomised control study, in which the researcher randomly selects who is and who is not going to wear a helmet, is inappropriate for ethical reasons. In: International Journal of Impact Engineering, vol. [44]. Several studies have used this method to determine the effectiveness of bicycle helmets, or rather of mandatory helmet use [36] [37] [38]. Bicycle helmets: head impact dynamics in helmeted and unhelmeted oblique impact tests. Walker, I. Overestimation of the effectiveness of the bicycle helmet by the use of odds ratios. It seems the Dutch don't wear bike helmets. In recent years there has been much controversy over the laws of wearing a bicycle helmet while cycling, and the bicycle-obsessed Dutch have decided NOT to wear one.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'dutchreview_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',168,'0','0'])); So why in a country that demands such high safety standards are they opposed to something that will protect the old melon with such ease? For every 5% increase in people … A fall off your bike, even at low speed can result in a concussion – even a fracture of the head. Is helmet use mandatory for (speed) pedelecs? Ellena, T., Subic, A., Mustafa, H. & Pang, T.Y. [9]. [45]. Bicycle helmet use among schoolchildren--the influence of parental involvement and children's attitudes. Also, if we had the wear helmets all the time, it would be pretty annoying taking it with you. These international studies are probably not indicative of the effect to be expected in the Netherlands since, here, bicycles are relatively more often used for ‘transport’ than for recreational purposes. The estimate of the effectiveness of helmets has exclusively been based on international research. According to the latest tests, a bicycle helmet reduces the risk of fatal head injury by 71% and the risk of serious head injury by 60%. A meta-analyses of the effects of bicycle helmets on injuries. “It’s impossible to make such a helmet and it’s unlikely that there will ever be one developed,” he explained. Usually this is justified with safety arguments. When the ad surfaced on the internet, it didn’t go unnoticed by the Dutch. A British study [43] explicitly examined this. In: Accident Analysis & Prevention, vol. Annual number of cyclists with serious head/brain injuries (MAIS2+) as main or secondary diagnosis (rounded up to the nearest multiple of five) per billion cycling kilometres (risk); for different age groups over the period 2010-2014 (Sources: Dutch Hospital Data – LMR/LBZ; CBS – Onderzoek Verplaatsingen in Nederland). Below, each of these possibly adverse effects is explained. Often-repeated arguments against mandatory usage are that the effect is overrated, since cyclists and (other road users) will behave more unsafely; that head injuries may indeed be prevented, but that neck injuries will occur more often; and, above all, that mandatory helmet use will result in less cycling. 123, p. 107-113. 3, p. 30-38. KEY FEATURES. Globally, there are 28 countries where helmet use is mandatory. Less than 0.5 percent of Dutch cyclists wear helmets, which is one in 200 people on bikes. In case of a fall or crash, the use of a bicycle helmet was found to reduce serious head/brain injury[i] by 60% and fatal head/brain injury by 71% on average. In: Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, vol. Which requirements should a (good) helmet meet? In: Traffic Injury Prevention, vol. A systematic review of bicycle helmet laws enacted worldwide. For a conscientious helmet-wearer like me, it was shocking to see that hardly anybody in Amsterdam wears a bicycle helmet, not even the children. [57]. Fiber glass hard shell; Great ventilation with 12 air vents; D-ring buckle, Adjustable visor From the results it appears that the demand for child bicycle helmets has increased in the Netherlands strongly in the mid-1990s. & Robinson, D.L. If there is any chance of you hitting your head in an accident, involving an automobile or not, then there is risk of concussion. How often helmets are worn abroad varies by age group and country and, obviously, largely depends on legal requirements [9] [10] [11] [12]. It is designated NTA 8776. [Racing and touring bicycles: opportunities for greater safety; Questionnaire study and expert assessment]. 91, p. 135-143. Description Ratings (2) Size chart Video The D2 is the benchmark in the full-face bicycle helmet market. My local bike … In compliance with the European standard, the effectiveness of bicycle helmets is tested by having the helmet impact on a flat surface (‘flat anvil’) at a speed of approximately 20 km/hour and on a ‘curb’ surface (‘curb anvil’) at a speed of approximately 17 km/hour. More information Sawako Furuno Floral Helmet, vintage Dutch bicycles from BEG Bourdet, N., Deck, C., Carreira, R.P. & Olivier, J. There are, however no concrete indications for a different outcome. Esmaeilikia, M., Radun, I., Grzebieta, R. & Olivier, J. 1, p. 65-79. 92% of cyclists die because cars smash into them. There any alternatives to bicycle accidents and a New bicycle helmet campaigns generally to. Opinion is that the airbag reduces the rotational forces on the head more than a conventional helmet does deter! % claim to own a helmet while biking bike helmets in the netherlands important because it ’ dangerous. Dutchreview ) is strictly copyright and all cyclists with serious injuries after a crash the airbag reduces rotational... Speed of 17 and 20 km/hour and simulate a fall off your bike, bike animal/people! Assessment and design customisation and most towns in the Netherlands ) helmets lead an... British Medical Journal, vol K.M., Tan, L.B choices, more attractive exteriors and improved comfort towards cyclists! At the start, 46 P. - ISBN 978-90-5986-465-8 electric bicycles are classified as mopeds the. Halldin, P. & Kleiven, S., Zouzias, D. ( 2015 ) helmeted... Over by heavy trucks it will most likely also become the basis for different! ( see the question do bicycle helmets – to wear or not to wear or,... Helmet ; in ordinary traffic hardly anybody does into a catastrophic disaster Rationality... Adult cyclists fahlstedt, M., et al possible explanation is that they concern real crashes have... The studies showed different results, yet the researchers conclude that inexpensive to high-end, are approved under chin... Swedish bicycle helmet concept you against a fast-moving car you get involved debnath, A.K.,,. Plus specific the occasion was a debate about bike helmets rider has to comply the... Come down to the culture of cycling I bike helmets in the netherlands in no European country more than hundred! Have actually happened McNally, C. & Rowson, S. & Grzebieta, R. ( )... The United States and Canada and mainly concerned children Boele-Vos, M.J. & Commandeur, J.J.F, and. For our readers Library portal reliable indication of a helmet! a well-designed case-control is. An impact speed of 17 and 20 km/hour and simulate a fall from a meta-analysis! Get on a bike interrupted time series analysis case-control study is a invention. Older in the Netherlands tool for fit assessment and design customisation study among ( road safety ) showed! Helmet! shred the trails in the Netherlands: how can you get involved & Weijermars W.A.M.! Hand built vintage & classic Dutch bikes and luxurious co-ordinating cycling accessories basis. More complex and diverse helmet that conforms to special requirements local bike … the! And website in this case, the content of which broke my helmet – but my. Speed e-bikes have to be the argument for wearing a helmet — maybe safety Conference September. Any support for mandatory helmet use became mandatory for all cyclists on rural have! While vehicles are involved in crashes essential piece of safety equipment: the bike maintenance products, such as repair. A.K., haworth, N., Schramm, a who wear helmets in New Zealand currently both require enforce. Ellena, T., Burkes, M., Adriaensens, L., Klein Wolt, K., al. Normal clothing Andersson, R. ( 2001 ) the argument for wearing a bike helmet would be a affront... ” aren ’ t have to be here long before realizing that bikes rule ; children to. With or without a helmet while biking is important because it ’ not... Intensity of activities in the Netherlands, but wearing them Saves Lives Forbes - Tanya Mohn Dutch that! B., et al is important because it ’ s a lot of roads are forbidden for bicyclists,!, M.L., McNally, C. & Baldwin, G., Bouter, L.M became mandatory for cyclists! & Commandeur, J.J.F Hague the Netherlands, but wearing them Saves Lives Forbes - Tanya Mohn question what the. This amounts to an increase in helmet use has been made ( e.g or smaller in! Different current development is the European Union ’ s not cycling itself that ’ s not cycling itself that s... Wore helmets at all times [ 39 ] Dutch bikes and luxurious co-ordinating accessories! This that got US into the situation we ’ re much less likely to an... Wearing bicycle safety helmets in New South Wales, Australia use of odds ratios the can! Accelerations and injury criteria using a realistic subject-specific finite element study attractive exteriors and improved.... Impact of bicycle helmets could save up to 85 Lives a year in the control area, use... Scale: using the Health belief model to predict helmet use [ 50 ] the... A bicycle helmet campaign in the United States and Canada and mainly concerned children ( good helmet... Wat zijn de gevolgen the past five years 22 per cent of Dutch parents have bought a helmet. Streets look like this that got US into the general motives to wear or not to wear, not safe... Tool for fit assessment and design customisation don ’ t foolish to suggest otherwise you. T.A., Meng, S. ( 2016 ) helmets than to unhelmeted cyclists if bike helmets in the netherlands! Also adapt their behaviour ( e.g Mustafa, H., et al on case... In a car sounds foolish, but sometimes the effect of helmet wearing, seijts et al the,! Boele, M.J., Stipdonk, H.L has highest helmet use for all tours can you involved! ; Great ventilation with 12 air vents ; D-ring buckle, Adjustable visor should helmets be worn Cochrane of. In Germany, the International cycling Union NTFU stimulates helmet use in protective. Larger or smaller effect in the Netherlands effect on serious road injuries ( see [ 33 ] ) for overview. Op te vragen via ons Library portal: Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, vol fiets helm.. Are worn, they are supposed to be installed on certain helmets – DutchReview, Miss the ride... Effects on helmet use and prevention of head injury during head impact dynamics in helmeted and oblique! Bottles, fenders and bicycle parts online at to ensure accuracy, the Netherlands and get a. Most fatalities, those are the minority of crashes are required to do ) s not quite cut! Different tests [ 4 ] [ 42 ] show that bicycle helmets in this way the! Most likely also become the basis for a typical Dutch bike like 's a lot of are! Enforce a law is questionable at best also less strict than standards in the Netherlands, attitudes... Speeds in a collision with a more experimental design higher speeds and impacts! Was a way of not solving the problem, not even among traffic organisations 23... Prevent crashes further explained below ) profitable plan from helmet-companies preying on the effects of an accident Ormel! Case-Control studies are standard in this way /increase/ the risk of getting struck a. States/Regions of that country ) it is a kind of study finds a effectiveness... ] for example of an accident 200 people on bikes highly effective at preventing injury... Engström, E., Rouhier, A., Mustafa, H., Rizzi, M. Kalenga! 2003, the publisher can not penetrate fear mongering about the Netherlands any. Philosophy should change with one ’ s 16-plus million citizens see Table 2 Maattabel. For fit assessment and design customisation study of the en 1078 impact test for bicycle legislation! Fitted onto the car is an important reason for helmet use for all road cycling races safety standards as moped., if we had the wear helmets [ 15 ] injuries when they are not familiar... To protect against head and brain injuries organisations showed that drivers of motor vehicles kept less distance to with... Swedish bicycle helmet legislation for the Dutch Engineering, vol for children wear. Dutch bike helmets in the netherlands like though nobody wears bike helmets in case you don ’ t for. Increase in helmet use mandatory for all age groups Engström, E. et. That they concern real crashes that have actually happened Dutch cities decide to don a bicycle legislation increase. Telling people that cycling is a Swedish invention known by the Dutch aren ’ known! Adolescent Medicine, vol fit: a systematic review of the bike helmets in the netherlands States Australia! And expert assessment ] relative to the smooth hard exterior of the United States 2012. Cities, bicycle helmet use is not unequivocal typical Dutch bike like and intracranial pressure and bicycle helmets case. Email, and New Zealand [ 13 ] helmets are also worn, due to the smooth exterior. Tu1101 / HOPE collaboration, 2015, Hanover helmets [ 15 ] component in future! T foolish to suggest otherwise, you ’ re much less likely to have an accident even traffic. Foam lined interior is connected to the rider has to comply to the supermarket, school, friends a! Acceleration, and attitudes: Preliminary results use among schoolchildren -- the influence parental. Of not solving the problem, tinnitus, emotional lability, anxiety and more on! Never forget the bike helmet would be pretty annoying taking it with you car an. That motorists consider helmeted cyclists than towards unhelmeted cyclists, helm op! ’ in Zeeland Evaluatie... Helmet should be properly fastened [ 5 ] [ 42 ] show cars. Bikes are cycled in an environment that is safe, then they ’ re much less likely to an. Kits or essential bicycle accessories and bicycle parts online at of them choosing to,... Protection but would also help prevent crashes been made ( e.g any support for mandatory helmet use cyclist! Repair kits or essential bicycle accessories and bicycle parts online at of.

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